Emergency Medical Services

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Saving Lives Every Day!

Under the Umbrella of Fakeeh Group, The Leader Healthcare Service Provider in Saudi Arabia.

Mission: To carry out and provide high quality emergency services to patients in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia while working collaboratively with our corporate brand “Fakeeh Care” to ensure distinctive and incessant enhancement in patient outcomes by providing tailored emergency medical care solutions and services.

Vision: Strive for reliable and exceptional patient care delivered by individuals who are passionate about the inviolability of life, compassion and dignity.
Person centred care is at the core of our entire operations. We are committed to providing the best and safest care to our patients, their families and the community.
We take ownership of our responsibility for a patient’s wellbeing under our watch.
We encourage the participation of our patients and their families in all of their healthcare related activities and decision making.
We help patients, paramedics and healthcare providers to make better life-saving decisions through education and
We engage everyone with responsiveness and respond with acts of compassion in all communications with our patients and their families.
We implement effective technology and protocol based on patient’s best interest and medical best practices.

Ambulance Services

We provide a wide range of emergency and Non- Emergency medical services to the private and public sectors, Between our beloved Kingdome cities, This includes providing comprehensive pre-hospital medical care for serious illness or injury, whether it is in a public setting or an immediate onsite response.

Through an integrated EMS system, our qualified clinical staff, fully equipped ambulances, medication, and coordinated response; enable us to provide the appropriate care for patients in any type of medical emergency, public health crisis, or trauma.
Medical Transportation
Responsive, caring, technologically advanced, carrying out Emergency and non- emergency ambulance transfers
Hospital Discharge Services
Sending your patient home with compassion and care.
Medical Transport between Cities
Safely, accountably Transferring our patients between cities on-board our fully equipped ambulances.
Dialysis Patient Transport
Managing and sending our patients from and to their dialysis sessions.
Zone Covering
We have the capability to respond and manage emergencies at industrial cities, schools, corporate organizations.


Keeping Spectators Safe
Emergency medical coverage for a wide range of high-profile sporting and community events.
Sport Events
On-site medical team ready to provide full medical attention, for Competitors, spectators, event management team, whether indoor or outdoor event you’re guesting.
Community Events
Standby medical coverage for large-scale public events.

Home Healthcare

Dedicated to provide a range of healthcare and support services to patients with acute, chronic, palliative or medical needs, Home Healthcare acknowledges their right for special medical facilities.

Nursing Services

Post discharge nursing care.


Appropriate physiotherapy treatment plans

Doctor Visit And Consultation

Doctor Visit And Consultation of any specialty, to your door step


Respiratory Therapy

Stands behind you facing all respiratory system complication.


Sleep Test

In the comfort of your room , in your bed, Fakeeh creates a sleep lab, ensuring the best results.

Laboratory Test

Collecting lab samples from the comfort of your home, then delivers to you accurate tests reports.

Home Hemodialysis

Home hemodialysis (HHD) gives you the freedom to do treatments outside of the dialysis center



Home vaccination service at home by skilled and experienced nurses.


Well Baby Care

Our skilled and highly trained experts provide you with all the support you need for your newborn.

Medication Delivery

Ensures the availability and the delivery of your medication.

Be Safe Program

Provides a comprehensive life safing program for patients’ families at home.


Corporate Survices

We provide corporate services to hotels, companies, and schools.



Our Training Center is a certified SHA Center which provides various levels of life support Programs.
Knowledge Acquisition
Best enhanced maneuvers to deliver information.
Skills Demonstration and Simulation
Our instructors are highly trained to provide you with the best training experience using the most recent simulation devices.

Manpower Outsourcing

Manpower Outsourcing Department pays attention to details and our expertise in recognizing and meeting the needs of our clients, performance and demobilization of all outsourced staff which includes advanced and highly skilled paramedics, nurses, doctors, qualified ambulance driver.
Medical Staff
Advanced and Highly Skilled Medical Staff
Qualified Drivers
Qualified Ambulance Drivers
We provide highly skilled Paramedics and other medical staff specialties as well.

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